You Can’t Swing a Dead Cat Without Hitting a Pervert S01E08

March 11th, 2017

For 11 years a predator avoided capture. His crime? The assult and murder of a 6 year old Edmonton girl. But what that man did not know was that the man tasked with finding him was persistant and patient. He would sift through hundreds of suspects and thousands of clues to catch his man.

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Music; creative commons

Intermisson music:

Steven O'Brien - "Forboding Ambience"

With files from: 
Globe & Mail; Katherine Harding, May 28, 2005
David Staples; Forensic Case - Homocide of Punky Gustavson part 1 & 2, 2005

A&E Cold Case Files 2005 "Snatched/A Detective's Promise"

Written by: Patee Woods & Kim Davidson

Logo by: Christian Woods

Music: Lee Rosevere
Creative Commons "Max Overdrive" by Lee Rosevere

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Twitter: @TNSWpodcast

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